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FaveLAB offers accommodation and working space for artists, designers, curators and writers who wish to visit, work and do research in Athens - on a short- or a long-term basis.
Below you find living and working spaces in downtown Athens for individual artists or groups up to three guests, as well as a beautiful apartment with atelier, in Leonidio, Arcadia (Peloponnese), 210 km away from Athens.

I. Studio apartment Athens / Exarchia
II. Studio apartment Athens / Kolonos
III. Apartment & atelier in Leonidio (Arcadia)

FaveLAB also host exhibitions and presentations, installations, performances, public events and panels, lectures and private meetings.

For more information, please check our >>>> PROJECTS section or contact us.

ATHENS Exarchia - central 102 m2 studio apartment

102 m2 studio apartment in central Athens - in Exarchia, the artists and university quarter of Athens - 10 mins. walk to the heart of Athens. The studio is located in the 3rd floor of a 80's modern building - elevator available.
The studio apartment is divided in a 12 m2 foyer, a 30 m2 studio with excellent light conditions plus veranda, two bedrooms 15 m2 each, a large kitchen with washing machine, bathroom with bathtub and WC and a separate single WC. The minimum rental period is one week.

Price per week:  1 guest: 230 Euro / 2 guests: 290 Euro
Price per month:  1 guest: 780 Euro / 2 guests: 890 Euro
Plus 100 Euro deposit.

PDF with images of the studio apartment:  >>> here
PDF with pictures of the close-by center of Athens:  >>> here

ATHENS Kolonos - 75m2 studio and residency space

A 75 m2 residency and studio space in Athens/Kolonos, a seven minutes bus ride or fifteen minutes walk to the very heart of Athens. The studio is located close to Oedipus Hill and the Academy of Plato. It also includes a 200 m2 sunny terrace - a great place to work or just relax. The studio apartment can be rented by individual artists or artist groups up to three guests. The minimum rental period is one week.

Price per week:  1 guest: 190 Euro / 2 guests: 260 Euro
Price per month:  1 guest: 660 Euro / 2 guests: 760 Euro
Plus 100 Euro deposit.

PDF with images of the studio apartment:  >>> here

LEONIDIO - apartment & atelier in Arcadia / Peloponnese

We offer living and working space in a 19th century mansion in Leonidio/Arcadia. It includes a 30 m2 atelier and a romantic 24 m2 traditional style flat with bedroom and kitchen. The 19th century historical Greek town is surrounded by impressive mountains, highlands and a beautiful valley and lies appr. three kilometers away from the seaside. The house has a tree garden, a terrace and a spacious courtyard if you wish to work - or rest - under blue skies. The area offers a great variety of inspiring places such as Mycene, Sparta, Mystras, Monemvasia.

Cost per week:  1 guest:  220 Euro  /  2 guests:  280 Euro
Cost per month:  1 guest:  780 Euro  /  2 guests:  920 Euro
Plus 100 Euro deposit.

PDF with images of studio, apartment and town:  >>> here

Pop up art venues and exhibition space

FaveLAB offers 80 m2/ 100 m2/ 200 m2 exhibition spaces/showrooms for artists and/or gallery presentations/ shows in downtown Athens. Additional services such as press room/ curated collection visits/ networking/ lobbying/ curatorial support/ translation are available upon demand.

Send us an email:   >>>> here.