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Workshop and exhibition project // Munich Jewellery Week 2019

Movements, ornaments, words and objects outlined the sacred and the profane.
For hundreds of years, both sides of life had been inextricably linked, according to Mircea Eliade, 20th century's most influential historian of religion. Art has always been connected to magic and mysteries.

"The Sacred & The Profane" focuses on and examines rituals, symbols, objects and practices that still prevail - often disguised as trivialities - in our rational, consumption oriented and medialized world.

PROGRAMME: Arcadia workshop + Munich exhibition

PART I: Intensive four-day workshop in Leonidio, Arcadia (Greece)
from 2 - 6 January  OR  9 - 13 January 2019

PART II: Four-day exhibition during Munich Jewellery Week
from 14 - 17 March 2019 at Galerie WELTRAUM, Munich

Participation fee:

PART I+II: Arcadia workshop + Munich exhibition:
960 Euro payable in three installments  OR  890 Euro payable in one installment.
The fee includes Arcadia workshop fees / accommodation / meals / show organization and secretarial support / website / social media work, promotion and PR / exhibition / representation in Munich.

PART I: Munich show (only)
480 Euro payable in two installments  OR  440 Euro payable in one installment.
The fee includes show organization and secretarial support / website / social media work, promotion and PR / exhibition / representation in Munich.

All participants will take part in the "ZLR Award" at Munich Jewellery Week 2019

Application requirements: artists working in the field of jewellery, sculpture or object, performance and fashion can apply.

How to apply: Send your application with cover letter stating your incentive to participate in the project and/or its potential benefits on your work including your website (no social media pages) or 6-8 pictures of your work and a short bio via email to us   >>> here.

Application deadline:  Sunday 18 November 2019

Download detailed information and participation terms in English  >>> here or in German >>> here .


Residency / Workshop / Exhibition in Arcadia / Greece

The Textile Quartet is an two-week artist residency and exhibition project for international artists who wish to explore Greece's rich textile tradition through a series of specialized workshops and present their work in an exhibition in Leonidio, Arcadia.

It addresses artists who (wish to) work with textile art / textile techniques / textile installation / textile and narrative / textile and performance / textile design.

The Textile Quartet provides shared accommodation (two bedrooms x two artists) in a 19th century mansion and a shared working space in Leonidio, Greece for 2-4 artists who learn, share experiences extend their knowledge about textile art.

Part of the program me is a four-day curated art show at AYGO AGVO Art Space, Leonidio, that takes place during the second week of the residency.

The Textile Quartet includes:

• A customized introduction into ancient, Byzantine and contemporary Greek culture and textile art (workshop 8 hours)
• A customized workshop on traditional Greek textile motifs and techniques (workshop 8 hours)
• An experimental textile brainstorming (workshop 5 hours)
• A textile and narrative group performance (3 hours)
• An experimental tool making workshop (3 hours)
• Local textile makers workshop visits
• 19th century city tour
• Customized networking advice
• A four-day exhibition in AYGO AGVO Art Space, Leonidio
• Curatorial advice for the realization of the exhibition

Promotional, press and social media support, plus e-invitation+press release for the show (GR/EN) and website documentation is included

Application: Individual artists or artists groups may apply.

Fee:  750 Euro / artist. The fee does not include travel fares, meals, artist material or print matter for the show.

Dates: Monday 13 - Sunday 26 May 2019
OR  Monday 17 June - Sunday 30 June 2019

How to apply: Send your application with cover letter introducing yourself and stating your incentive to participate in The Textile Quartet, including your bio/cv and website (no social media pages or blog) or 6-8 images of your work (if no website available) via e-mail to us   >>> here.

Application deadline: 15 December 2018

Individual and customized workshops

FaveLAB also offers individual and customized workshops in Athens and Leonidio. For more information visit:   >>> Leave Your Crisis in Greece.