The Utopian Institute (UI) is an installation project that turns the urban space into a space for social and artistic interaction.

How can „utopia“ be conceived today - in a very subjective sense?

The UI occupies niches and empty lots in the city, with the aim to col-
lect and discuss personal answers to this question.

Since 2010, the nomadic installation has been traveling to various places in Germany and Europe - like Leipzig, Weimar, Skopje and Hamburg.

The UI always relates to the speci-
fic social and cultural context of the place. Everywhere the „institute“ is installed, its is built up anew in reference to the architecture and environment.

The UI houses a library with literature on utopian ideas and practices, and it offers visitors a research micro-desk and a working place.

The UI wants to establish a commu-
nication platform where knowledge can be shared, ideas be developed and utopian concepts be discussed in public.



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