H.G.Wells - A Modern Utopia
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Charles Fourier - Internet Archive
Utopian Socialist Archive
Jean Baudrillard - Simulacra and Science Fiction
Prototypes of utopian houses
Julian Petrin - Utopia Reloaded (PDF)
Herbert Marcuse - The End Of Utopia
Norman Geras - Minimum Utopia: Ten Theses
David Harvey - Possible Urban Worlds (PDF)
David Harvey - Spaces of Hope (book review)
Mehmet Barlas / Olgu Caliskan - Rethinking spatial
planning and urban designing
Ruth Nestvold / Jay Lake - Engendering Utopia
The Fate of Utopia: Adaptive tactics...(PDF)
Robert Owen - New Lanark
Neil Smith - The New Urban Frontier (PDF)
Mark Bahnisch - Reimagining the Political (PDF)
Utopia Attraktor Leipzig
Zarko Paic - The empire and its utopias
From Ecotopia to Solartopia - A Visionary Conversation
Mark Ellingsen - The Spirit of Utopia today