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Jewellery can be boring.

We wanted the concept of „Myths 2016 at Sieraad Amsterdam“ to be off the beaten track. We wanted it to be interactive and meaningful.

„We invite you to visit Athens, explore the endless possibilities of an archaic and still vibrant culture, discover its ancient, medieval and modern treasures, meet local traditional makers and design a new series of jewelry inspired by your experience of Athens, a city that never sleeps“.
This is how we described the kind of artists we were looking for. In other words: If you want to be part of our team, you have to visit Greece!

Last summer we had the pleasure to initiate a group of intrepid voyagers into the experience of what makes Greece unique for a jewelry designer or artist.
Jewellery is a Greek business dating back to Neolithic Age. The ways and reasons of why and how jewelry is still worn in Greece is a fascinating discovery: the spirit of shamanic magic that gave birth to art is still alive anno 2016!

Jewellery - „cosmos“ in Greek - suggests the bearer becomes part of the universe to which the ornament connects him. Jewellery is a silent witness of the trade routes connecting „ancient Greece“ to Middle East and Baltic sea. It offers a lot of food for thought regarding the impact of globalization in shaping culture.
Ancient Greek techniques are also challenging enigmas worth studying, for they open the door to talents that guarantee a competitive edge in a market dominated by cheap unskilled labor or 3D printing.

Loukia Richards & Christoph Ziegler