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A rolling exhibition project at Munich jewellery week
24 February - 1 March, 2016

The Project

The hubris of king Erisychthon is the source of inspiration for the exhibition „Myths 2016 - TEST DRiVE“ during Munich Jewelry Week. The king of Thessaly destroys Demeter’s holy forest to build a new palace for his banquets. He is cursed by the earth goddess to suffer insatiable hunger. Erysichthon sells all his possessions to buy food and ends up eating his own flesh.
„Myths“ is a series of exhibitions on the art medium jewelry. Updated versions of Greek myths suggest viable ways to deal with contemporary issues.

The exhibition „Myths 2016 - TEST DRiVE“ aims at promoting the concept of Share Economy as well as environmentally conscious patterns of production and consumption as a response to greed.
Artworks are made with organic or recyclable material or use energy/capital saving techniques such as innovative 3D Printing or old fashioned assemblage or objet trouvé in their making. These techniques address the issue of shortage, re-use, lack of capital to invest on precious raw materials, as well as environmental and ethical issues many designers have to confront in their daily art practice.
"Myths 2016 - Test Drive" also reverberates popular Sharing/Swapping movements. Interaction with the public plays a crucial role in the project. All exhibition items can be borrowed for one or more days for a „test drive“ through the city. Visitors are encouraged and rewarded through various perks to post their photos and experiences in the social media.

„Myths 2016 -TEST DRiVE“ is under the auspices of The General Consulate of Greece in Munich, and takes place in cooperation with Platform Munich and the Urbane Farm/The Bauhaus Foundation. It is sponsored and supported by Hüttenpalast Hotel Berlin, Spotted by Locals, Pablo&Paul online gallery Munich, DerGugl Munich, The Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation Nafplio, The Needle Files UK, mastihashop Greece, The Mastic Gum Producers Association of Greece, Galerie Entwurf Direkt Hamburg.

TEST DRiVE is curated by Loukia Richards and Christoph Ziegler.


Joanne Haywood (UK)/ Judith Schwendener (NL)/ Dita Antonopoulou (GR)/ Lital Mendel Jewlery Design (ISR)/ Yolande Duchateau Contemporary Jewlery (BE)/ Nolia Shakti (NL)/ Anne Dinan (USA)/ T-Squared (ISR)/ Eugenia Feroussi (GR)/ Linda Savineau (BE)/ Marion Delarue Contemporary Objects (FR)/ EDELPLAST – Billie Van Nieuwenhuyzen (BE)/ Kalliopi Andrikopoulou Syn Apeiro (GR)/ Juan Harnie (BE)/ Thikwa Werkstatt für Theater und Kunst (DE)/ Eleftheria Spantidaki (GR)/ Martijntje Cornelia (NL)/ Christoph Ziegler (DE)/ Loukia Richards (GR/UK)


24 February, 6.00 - 9.00 p.m. at Platform / München

With an inauguration speech by Dr. Elisabeth Hartung/ Platform München and Christina Stefanidou/ General Consulate of Greece in Munich.
FiND iT: Kistlerhofstrasse 70, 81379 Munich, Haus 60 - 3rd Floor


25 February to 1 March, 2.oo - 8.oo p.m.

TEST DRiVE makes various stops in down town Munich. Please follow the daily location plan on   >> FiND US.