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Despite the political, social and financial crisis in the country, Greece remains an inexhaustible and fascinating source of inspiration for artists, designers, crafters and art lovers.
No matter how often you have visited Greece there is still a lot to learn from its rich arts and crafts tradition, people's interaction and core values such as sharing, arguing, communicating.

We call our curated trip and workshop series "Leave your Crisis in Greece", because we believe that the country and its culture, people and landscape always have an answer to give to your existential questions: Who am I? What do I want from life? How do I want to live?

Talking, sharing, being straight and empathetic, arguing and forgiving are Greek qualities that impress visitors and guests. This is the way of cultivating and advancing both friendship and trade relations in Greece.

We call the trip and workshop series we designed "curated", for we wish you to find in Greece exactly what you are looking for in art and life. Our workshops and excursions update the teachings of Greek mythology in the original places where the legend was born.

Our program addresses artists, designers, photographers and art lovers who look for the living traces of a great ancient culture, as well as for inspiration, eternal values and alternative life concepts or even wish to discover professional opportunities in Athens.

We offer

>>> Workshops
>>> Accommodation and studio space in Athens & Leonidio
>>> Curated exhibitions
>>> Individually customized excursions & tours

For an individually customized trip, please contact us!

We are

Loukia Richards and Christoph Ziegler, visual artists, curators and specialists of interactive workshops. We live and work in Greece and Germany. Our vision is to build bridges between cultures and art disciplines: sculpture, jewellery, performance, installation, textile, theater and curating. Our projects combine Greek mythology and cultural history with communication and creative learning.

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