FORTRESS - Pendant, 2015


PASSAGE - Pendant, 2015



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Katerina Glyka
Orestes' fate is reflected in the "war-like jewellery" of Katerina Glyka. Although Glyka was initially inspired by theater scenery and her weapons were made of papier mache, she ended up designing potentially lethal jewellery made of concrete.
Glyka and Orestes have something in common: they have been trapped in a conflict they are not responsible for. They were both assigned to use violence to solve a problem. Orestes, like her, is forced to become a murderer against his will. ‘Catharsis’ will prevail after we kill our illusions.
Katerina Glyka, like many other professional artists, was caught in the Greek crisis trap. The cruelty of experience, the failure of her plans, the violence of the daily struggle have made a powerful artist out of the former art director. "I am getting ready. I am building my fortress for protection. It is my base for new adventures, although I do not know yet where they will lead me. But I will defend myself, I will fight!"

Katerina is an Athens School of Fine Arts graduate. Her jewellery serves as a symbol for Greece reborn out of the ashes an unpredictable six-year economic, political and social crisis left behind.

Homepage:  katerinaglyka.gr
Email: glykat@yahoo.com