DETONATION - Necklace, 2014




THROUGH - Necklace, 2014

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Marianna Tzouti
Marianna Tzouti’s gold plated jewellery echoes the birth of Earth and Heaven and the planets, as described in Hesiod’s Cosmogony. We are all familiar with this description called Big Bang in popular physics.
Tzouti’s works widen our perception of space and jewellery. Her works remind us of the virtual poetry which found expression in the graphic design of the 1990s and techno music parties.
"I am inspired by the cube and 3D designs. I intend to give volume to an object, without planning how the experiment will end..." says the student of Decorative Arts in the Athens School of Applied Sciences.
Explosion, blast, movement, time, outer space, room, power and elegance are features of Tzoutis' work. Her jewellery feels like it overcomes all obstacles due to momentum and grace.

„Myths 2015“ aims at redefining jewellery through the trace it leaves in space. Marianna Tzoutis' work reflect and satisfies this condition.

Email: matzouti@hotmail.com