BONDS - Necklace, 2014


TOUGH LOVE - Necklace, 2014


WHY DO YOU THROW ME AWAY? - Earrings, 2013

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Yakinthi Oikonomou
Gorgon is an awesome monster, a powerful female deity, and at the same time a protective mother.
There are three Gorgon sisters in Greek Mythology: Stheno, Euryale and Medusa. Only Medusa is mortal; her head adorns the shield of the mighty Athena, alias God’s Mind or Virgin with infant or Army Leader, Crafter, Protector of the City etc. - to state only some of the plethora of names accompanying the daughter of Zeus in her journey through the ages. Medusa hid her benevolent character under a horrible grimace. However no initiate can be fooled, for he knows that Gorgon only seeks his well-being and combats his enemies.

A recurrent theme in Yakinthi Oikonomou's work is her grandmother’s hard life beginning with an arranged marriage in pre-war Epirus. Her jewellery is about struggle for survival, denial and concealment of emotions, a woman’s tasks and obedience, domestic violence and the curse to be have been born a woman.
Yakinthi Oikonomou did not feel empathy for her grandmother when she was young. But as she grew more mature, she scratched below the surface of her “stiff-necked” grandmother and found a loving, good-natured and protective woman.
Grandma Heleni and Medusa had a similar fate.
Blessed are you if you recognize those tortured creatures under the disguise which allowed them to survive through the centuries...

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