o.T. - Bracelet, 2013


o.T. - Necklace, 2013


SPIRALS/BRAIN - Necklace, 2014

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Heleni Siousti
Helices or spirals are characteristic patterns of ancient Greek jewellery. They symbolize the moon, mazes, snails, snakes, ebb and flow, cyclical time, regeneration, perpetual motion, echo, appearance and disappearance, consciousness and unconsciousness, memory and oblivion, even the human brain itself.
The jewellery of Helen Siousti, often unfinished or imperfect, signifies memory fading away due to Alzheimer's disease. It illustrates the pain of those who, unable to act, watch their loved ones crossing the river of Lethe while being alive. Her pieces are relics of beautiful, powerful moments - the offspring of the unknown future and love.
Heleni Siousti uses her art to unite robust remembrances with glimpses of memory explaining how fragile and vulnerable we become through the memory of what has been and will not be - no more. She illustrates our fears as our parents walk slowly, but steadily, towards the dark forest of fairy tales while we have only crumbs in our pockets to help them trace the path leading back to us…

Heleni Siousti studied Economics in Athens and worked in the private sector. She is an active member of the ecological movement in her home town Kozani in Macedonia.

Homepage:  sioustihelen.gr
Email: helen@databank.gr