BANG BANG (I) - Necklace, 2014


BANG BANG (II) - Necklace, 2014


BANG BANG (III) - Necklace, 2014

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Christina Karababa
Should the famous blacksmith of Olympus, god Hephaestus, continue making weapons and jewellery in his workshop today, he would possibly use a 3D printer.
Renowned for its decoration and apotropaic function is the shield Hephaistos made for Achilles.
Bang bang!! The sound of the gun in comic strips suits the myth of revolutionary aesthetics. Similar myths of change-in-taste-and-attitude are endlessly created by fashion and technology. Everything goes, but in a different way...
"In my work I mould odd objects with contradictions as far as their operation, meaning and interpretation are concerned. These objects should be conceived mostly as comments, as toys or as dangerous and naive fantasies," writes the artist.

Christina Karababa teaches at University for Applied Sciences Düsseldorf. She has held numerous individual and group exhibitions and co-curated the international art jewellery meeting "Zimmerhof Symposium" in 2014.

Homepage:  christina-karababa.com
Email: christina.karababa@fh-duesseldorf.de