PRIMITIVE - Necklace, 2014


JELLYFISH - Necklace, 2014


WILD NATURE - Necklace, 2015

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Maro Kornilaki
Maro Kornilaki describes Crete, her homeland, as an “island famous for the wild beauty of its landscape and the bravery of its people!” An island where the Minoan civilization flourished and powerful moon goddesses were worshipped with magical processions and holy fabrics.
The jewellery of Maro Kornilaki brings to mind intimacy and simplicity, the beauty of the Mediterranean maternal house; the place where you will find laid tables full of delicious, freshly cooked food served on ironed linen tablecloths and napkins; the place your mother welcomes you with big smiles every time you return to savour the never-ending hugs, kisses and sweet words.

Maro’s elegant jewellery connects us with the protection of “the familiar”.
“Materials such as raw metal, soft clay, fragile paper, fabric, fibers such as flax, cotton and silk change shape in my hands. I have a soft spot for abstract, archaic forms,” says the designer who worked for fifteen years in the homeware business. Her jewellery can be compared to a parade of loops, knots, ropes, ties and grids which, despite being soft, never break or untie. Her tender, but solid works of art are little daily, good luck spells of everlasting stability – and this is what knots signify after all.

Email: marokornilaki@yahoo.gr