EMBRACE - Necklace, 2014


FUGA (I) - Necklace, 2014


FUGA (II) - Necklace, 2014

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Eugenia Feroussi
"Circe is inside us. It's a part of a woman's soul". Composer Eugenia Feroussi participates in Myths 2015 with a series of Fugae jewellery that can be read as music! She literally designs the song Circe sings as she meets Odysseus intruding in her eternal palace.
Circe is a woman who thinks, acts, takes her life in her own hands. She asserts her freedom of will to live in the way she desires. Circe embodies a carefree enjoyment of female sexuality. She symbolizes the power of a selective sexual instinct. She doesn't let men conquer her, spoil the calmness of her island, her palace, her life.
They obey to her will and transform themselves in altered beings.
"But what's the value of an obedient lion? Is there anything intriguing in it?"
In every woman's life there is always a man who can change the course of things. A man who knows how to confront her in order to make her powerless. She thus becomes the woman who leads him to the achievement of his goal. This man’s name is Odysseus.
You will always find an Odysseus in every strong woman's life!

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