Greek mythology as a permanent source of inspiration

The Greek drama is taking place right now, almost a third of the young do not have a job, many people live hard lives. Their hardships  can be connected to the suffering that heroes from the great Greek stories underwent.  Our contemporary dramas both in world politics as in our personal lives resemble those tragedies described in the great Greek theater.
We lose a loved one, we encounter unfaithfulness, we are in warlike situations due to real war or we seem to be in a battle to keep our health or sanity and all of us cope with these things in different ways. All these themes are expressed in the great Greek myths.

Every Greek is steeped in her or his heritage as I know from having travelled many times in Greece. For the artists of this show their Greek background is a focal point that one can always go back to.  In the jewelry and other art, made by the exhibiting artists the Greek myth has been an enormous rich well to draw from as you will see.

M.L. de Bruine, Art historian, Amsterdam.