CHRONOS - Ram Skull, 2013


SUMMER NIGHT DANCER - Goat Skull, 2013


THE PRINCE OF FIELDS - Goat Skull, 2014

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Sofia Zarari
A constant recurrence of coincidences connects the members of a family beyond death and unfolds their destiny.
The performative triptych: jewellery - narrative - ritual with which Sofia Zarari opens the exhibition Myths 2015 in Munich, focuses on Pandrosus with whom the artist identifies. The idea for the animal skull collage jewellery was born after a friend brought her an odd gift: the skull of a young goat "perfectly split in two" found in an Aegean island.
"It was in a dream that I first heard his voice clearly.” Sofia recounts. “I found myself with my two other sisters. The three of us were daughters of King Cecrops holding the box goddess Athena entrusted us with to keep in the temple. We gave an oath never to open it. Herse and Aglaurus, tortured by curiosity, opened the box. We found a baby, Erechtheus, the son of Hephaestus and Gaia. My sisters went insane and fell off the cliff of the Acropolis. I was destined to raise the child. He became a king."
The skull becomes the vehicle to reflect on, experience and revive the emigration of the artist's ancestors from Egypt to Athens. "The skull’s story does not end here. The animal will be reborn, it will be given a second chance."

Sofia Zarari studied micro sculpture at the Accademia delle Arti Orafe in Rome, Jewellery Craft and Design at the Mokume Studio in Athens and is also a graduate of the Political Science department at Panteion University of Athens.

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