SYSTEMA 05 - Ring, Variations 2013


SYSTEMA 01 & 02 - Ring, Variations 2013


SYSTEMA 04 - Ring, Variations 2013

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The abduction of Persephone is portrayed on a large fresco discovered in the tomb of Phillip II of Macedonia in the 1980’s featuring astonishing perspectival constructions – of the dynamic scene with the elliptically distorted rotating war wagons wheel. The wall painting with its acute vanishing points expresses movement, velocity in an astonishingly contemporary way.

The series of 3 Wristbands take up the portrayal of the triangle relationship between abductor Pluto, abducted Persephone and her mother Demetra and reinterpret the sensations of velocity, rotation and violence in a contemporary black rubber material. As in a perspectival distortion of a wheel, a series of classicist pattern wraps around the armband expanding and squeezing within the hull surfaces movements.
A sense of dynamicism and mythical presence is conveyed via the malleable black rubber material. The design as an archeology of the future bridges between the past mural artist and contemporary jewelry design.

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