CYCLICAL TIME I - Necklace, 2014


CYCLICAL TIME II - Necklace, 2012


CYCLICAL TIME III - Necklace, 2012

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Anna Kitsou
Anna Kitsou’s work references can be traced back to Neolithic settlements, the Acropolis of Tiryns, Cycladic idols or the symmetrical aerial photographs of excavations. Her jewellery reflects rituals of magic and man’s hope that fire, gemstones and knots help him control his destiny.
Long before the construction of houses, roads, airplanes or refrigerators, mortals created jewellery to give them strength to confront not only enemies of the terrestrial world, but also their demons from beyond. Jewellery was a companion for eternity, supporting faith in immortality.
“Each piece is a journey through land, water and fire…” says the young designer and ceramist.

Anna Kitsou has presented her works at the Museum of Modern Ceramics in Athens as well as the art space “Periple” in Brussels and “Hartino Karavi” in Kythnos.

Homepage:  annakitsou.com
Email: anna.kitsou@yahoo.com