AMBELI - Textile piece, 2015


FLYING - Brooch, 2015


SARAKATSANA - Bracelet, 2015

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Sofia Paschou
Who can ignore the impact of grapes on Greek culture?

Greek theater was born during the harvest of grapes.
Sofia Paschou’s work for „Myths 2015“ is an hommage to the nymphs, the companions of the joyful and promiscuous God of wine Dionyssus, son of Zeus and Semeli. The artist’s textile jewelry expresses Dionyssus' double nature: it is an ornament preciously crafted but made with humble materials.
After she thoroughly studied the shape, structure and colors of an Arcadian kilim woven by her great-grandmother, Sofia Paschou turned the main motif into an almost „digitally“ structured textile jewellery. The piece enwraps the body of the wearer - like the lovely plant entwines around the wooden stick.

Sofia Paschou is an interior designer and a jewellery maker. She grew up in a family of emancipated women. Her „vineyard“ reflects her love for and knowledge of Greek folk crafts that have been cultivated and kept alive by industrious women in Hellas.

Email: sofipaschou@gmail.com